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luting. light.

200 watts, 2 October 2018

Let it be made.
Made of clay.
A form, shape.
A fern.
A thread.
To finish.
The end.
To be made.
A filing.
Pure, bright.
To dissolve, to melt.

ex the Latin dictionary, in William Watson Will, Prescription reading : a text book for pharmaceutical students : comprising a collection of physicians’ & surgeons’ prescriptions, mixtures, lotions, pills, ointments, powders, etc. : to which are added
a Latin dictionary and vocabulary,
tables of abbreviations used in prescriptions, & doses of official & unofficial medicines; and
a commentary upon British poison laws.
(London, 1898)
Toronto copy, opens to figura, ae, A form, shape, at archive.org

2 October 2018

tags: figura; filament; filing; incandescence; light; luting; 200 watts; non sequitur