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fragmente der moral

fore-edge (text cropped out)
facing p11, Fragmente der Moral des Democritus, gesammelt von F.W. Burchard (Minden, 1834)
University of Illinois, Classics Pamphlet Collection, Volume 31-A
this and other scans from that series listed here.
Princeton copy (sans corruption) via HathiTrust

On the outskirts of.
A palpable mistake.
A good idea.
Gone to sea.

ex Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams,
Compiled for the Government of India, by J. H. Lane, Indian Government Telegraph Department. Fourth Edition, prepared at the India Office, London, under the direction of J. J. Allen, Indian Government Telegraph Department, Retired. Part II.—Code Phrase.
London, 1903.
opens to page containing Senectum, University of Rajasthan copy, at archive.org

12 October 2018

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