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placente pleroticum

wrapper (detail), inverted
package bore Gaston Bachelard, Water and Dreams (1942; Edith R. Farrell trans, 1983)

Offigere     Monsoon light in.
Oppansum     On conjectural grounds.
Palumbum     Line totally interrupted between.
Placente     Movements, sea and land.
Plantans     Of either course.
Pleroticum     Of neither of.

ex Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams,
Compiled for the Government of India, by J. H. Lane, Indian Government Telegraph Department. Fourth Edition, prepared at the India Office, London, under the direction of J. J. Allen, Indian Government Telegraph Department, Retired. Part II.—Code Phrase.
London, 1903.
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13 October 2018
tags: betweens; interruption; seas; telegraphic codes