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waiting for rain


lecture notes 5 (detail)
16 October 2018

epigram ex Xu Bing, in discussion of his film Dragonfly Eyes (2017).
Xu Bing was explaining how he and his colleagues found a storyline in 11,000 hours of surveillance footage. “The storyline swims into view,” is how he put it (how his translator put it, anyway).

There came a point where they needed a country road — they had that — but it needed to be in the rain. A rainy road they didn’t have. And so they waited, watched weather forecasts for locations of specific surveillance cameras...
review (South China Morning Post)
more (HFA summary)

the phrase “waiting for rain” was on the page that contains this scribble; the scribble is only a scribble.

17 October 2018

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