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from ευ well; τήκειν to melt


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ex An Outline of the Metallurgy of Iron and Steel, Prepared for the use of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Based on Professor R. H. Richards’ “Notes on Iron” by Professor H. O. Hofman
(Boston, 1904)
NYPL copy, digitized May 3, 2006
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from ευ well; τήκειν to melt, melting readily       10
to melt at this level       43
gray iron — iron... and graphite — dissolved and combined before it can melt       87
would hardly melt       93
melt in one hour       111
with a bod (a ball of clay, loam, or steep). When a melt (heat) is finished...       112
which melt readily; then follow       113
as fast as the ends melt off       125
excepting that the ball is drawn without a final melt       125
in the checkerwork and melt       176
brought to a “dead melt”       198
A melt lasts three to four hours — The next step is that of “killing” the metal, i.e., holding it molten in the crucible until it becomes quiet.       204

being every instance of melt, in that form of the word, in this volume.

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