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in extent, a few

even these contained only a few       9
a few of them for a time in a watch glass       12
interlocking of a few digital processes       30
in a few cases are larger and
present certain differences in structure       67
a few nerve fibres       73
a few... hair cells       73
a few words       101
which I also tried.       103

only a few       112
an aggregation of a few       113
aggregations of a few       116
were destroyed. a
                  few similar experiments       117
greatly reduced in size,
only a few... remaining       119
themselves a few       120
that, a few       120
a few scattered       126
(only known in a few types)       143
a few days             192
a few hours             192
only a few minutes in sea water       193
motionless for a few minutes       198
a few granules       199
fibres, but a few       201
unusually distinct.
                  In a few       207
a few faint rays converging to the midst       218
a few observations       224
a few points of comparison       235
a few       241
from a few,
                  five or six       247
or perhaps a few       268
                  a few       273
simple in structure,
                  a few       274
showing a few transitional characters       279
a few points of correspondence with other forms       279

in extent,
                  a few       317
only a few       323
a few cells are       327

                  A few words       339
above, and
a few words about       353
a few cells, identical       401
it is only a few       409
at this stage of a few       420
                  Within a few days
this surmise was strengthened       481

while in a few cases not       488
a few of my earlier observations       492
water (a few drops)       492
a few drops of water       497
a few of these, when, to my surprise       8
even these contained only a few       9
a few of them for a time in a watch glass       12

being most of the 48 instances of a few in volume 14 of the Journal of Morphology (1898).

Began with a wildcard search for “a few * days” that landed me at an American Druggist and Pharmaceutical Record notice (in 1896) of a fellowship awarded to Clara Langenbeck (1868 – 1933?) for a year’s study abroad. Who she was? What was her course, after graduating from the Cincinnati College of Pharmacy in 1890?

Her paper in this volume, based on work done at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, is “Formation of the Germ Layers in the Amphipod Microdeutopus Gryllotalpa Costa” (June 1898) : 301-336 (University of California copy)
opens to same page 301 in beautifully scanned copy at Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology (Philadelphia).

Clara (back row, third from left) gazes off here in 1894, at Woods Hole.
Same photo (lower resolution) here

5 December 2018

tags: a few; digital processes; method; transitional characters; water; Clara Langenbeck