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elaborate shapes all over


unopened Plate XXVII, showing dorsal, ventral and anterior views (and sections) of egg development in first four days
Langenbeck, del.
(cropped from box, border supplied), illustrating
Clara Langenbeck (1868-1933), “Formation of the Germ Layers in the Amphipod Microdeutopus Gryllotalpa Costa,” Journal of Morphology 14:3 (June 1898) : 301-336
(this University of California copy, digitized September 18, 2012)
beautiful scan of Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology (Philadelphia) copy opens to same page 301

entry on Microdeutopus gryllotalpa Costa, 1853 at WoRMS (World Register of Marine Species)

The drawings are Langenbeck’s, whose artistry is apparent in scans of the Wistar Institute copy at archive.org (opens to Plate XXVII)
The chromolithographs were produced by Werner & Winter, Frankfurt (in business 1871-1930), who appear to have specialized in marine biology, and to have been among the best in the business.

I drew elaborate shapes all over my tablet, which I changed whenever they seemed on the point of becoming recognizable.
says Ruth, in Marilynne Robinson, Housekeeping (1980) : 188

6 December 2018

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Clara Langenbeck; Marilynne Robinson