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un-words, sad-words, uncomely cloudburst words

Unblown       A hold-up
Unbolting       Attempted hold-up
Unborn       Attempted robbery
Unbought       Attempted to derail
Unbroken       Attempted to ditch
Unburden       Accidental
Uncanny       Burglar
Unchaste       Burglary
Uncivil       Broken into
Uncle       Broken up
Uncleanly       Broken open
Uncoiling       Blown up
Uncomely       Cloudburst
Uncorking       Yes sir
Uncouth       No sir
Unction       Cyclone
Unctous       Cyclonic indications
Uncunning       Car thieves
Uncurl       Cause unknown
Uncurling       Cause known ; am investigating
Undawning       Considerable trouble
Undecent       Flood
Underbrush       Flooded
Undercast       Fire
Undercut       Incendiary
Underflow       Lynching
Underfoot       Looks like for a purpose
Undergo       Looks like a carelessness
Underhand       Mob-s
Underlay       Overflow-ed-ing
Underlet       Overflow-ed-ing its banks
Underline       Race riot
Underling       Riot
Underprop       Rioters
Undertow       Tar and feathers

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ex Arnold’s Code No. 20 for Railroad and Steamship Correspondence (1903)
this copy 1920 printing, with penned phrase additions throughout
by a succession of owners/users, their names listed on flyleaf,
E. C. Warren, A.G.F.A.
[presumably Assistant General Freight Agent]
Great Northern Railway Company.
A. H. Engelhart
C. C. Thompson
E. H. Quigly
last dated 19/15/47

these guys,
walking around with poetry and the makings of poetry, and underminings too and rot, of poetry and their own lives and times, all of this unbeknownst in their pockets

23 January 2019

tags: happenings; rot; telegraphic codes; un