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beside the,
missing the
attending to the

28 March 2019

...that the charge of nonentity brought against him was far from 1819.] screbble’s epistle. 71 being handsome in
ex OCR misread/snippet pointing to Harvard copy of
John Wilson, “Christopher’s Epistle” in Noctes Ambrosianae, vol. 1 (1819; 1854): 70-71

KBÀBBELBN, v. n.‚ v. a. 1. te conti’ nue ecrnbbling; 2. te screbble through. -—nn, p. pr.,...1n’n, f. (het doorkrabbelen)‚ contiuning scrnbbling.
ex OCR misread/snippet pointing to Koninklijke Bibliotheek copy of
Isaac Marcus Calisch, New complete dictionary of the English and Dutch languages, vol. 1 (1875): 173

29 March 2019

tags: awnderings; missings; nonsense; points; screbble; scribble