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the psychology of color

with the inevitable grey shawl pinned round her, and         1881
between the inevitable grey-stone walls         1884
often the thought of... inevitable. Grey...
and of the conditions and character         1886
do nothing more than prescribe the inevitable grey         1886
a failure was inevitable, Gray, a few days before         1895
the meeting was inevitable. Grey was         1901

Here and there, on the margin of the river,
is a narrow strip of the inevitable grey         1901
want life and brightness,
this deficiency may be due to the inevitable grey         1909

seems inevitable. Gray         1910
Evening is inevitable. Gray began         1910
and he did not wait long before he determined that its indefinite suspension, was inevitable.
Grey         1914
he had no conception of the virtues which made her growth inevitable.
Grey         1917
it is impossible to do more than prescribe the inevitable grey         1918
in walking-skirt and blouse of the inevitable grey         1914
Why do we turn to the inevitable grey?
A brilliant architect, speaking on an analogous subject recently,
said that we were afraid of color,
and fear was always grey.         1919

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5 April 2019

tags: approximate poetry; fresh water; grays; greys; psychology of color; turns; whys