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the error of

Eltering “eher       1
eltering heeft: wat
behoudt       2       eltering wood       3
eltering your territories       4
alarm; on eltering       5
the most active part in eltering       6
eltering in       7
eltering in her own       8
eltering a note of       9
eltering. ppr. Fainting or languishing with       10
black clouds, lies “eltering and alone,       11
from end to end thereof, of Eltering       12
Eltering freholdes of       13
eltering arms       14
to say enough of the effect this old-world place has upon one; el. tering       15
and Eltering when cold . It should be       16
eltering in       17
eltering from the fierce       18
eltered porch. doesn’t mind the cold. The error of       19
eltering. devices       20


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Elt. To knead. N. Elt or ilt, is also a spaded sow. Exm.
ex Francis Grose (1731-91, “antiquary, draughtsman and lexicographer,” *) his A provincial glossary : with a collection of local proverbs, and popular superstitions (London, 1787) : 52

from Joseph Wright (1855-1930) his English Dialect Dictionary

Elt. v.
1. to knead dough; to stir the dough previously kneaded to a proper consistency for baking.
2. to injure anything by constant or rough handling.
3. to become soft or moist, as earth when damp.
hence, elted up...
4. to slave or toil at working in the ground. Also used fig(uratively). to meddle with, interfere.
Elted, pp. bemired, covered with dirt from working in the earth or dirt.

26 February 2020

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