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perhaps casting a sideways glance

obverse (inverted), Exercises in Drawing.

Analysis of the Alphabet for Drawing.
Analysis by V. : A W Y M N U X
Analysis by I. : L T K D B E F H R P
Analysis by O. : C G Q
Irregular. : S Z &
illustrating Slate and Black Board Exercises.—(concluded.)
Chapter XVI.—Of Drawing.
Connecticut Common School Journal 4:11 (May 15, 1842) : 126
University of Illinois copy, digitized October 3, 2011

this tab has been open since June 2019, evidently from search for “sideways glance” (?).
returned now (27 February 2020), as an answer to question about concrete (or “visual”) poetry — why make it, when one can find it?

epigram, page 96

“I detested school,” he [Clive Cussler] told Publishers Weekly in 1994. “I was always the kid who was staring out the window. While the teacher was lecturing on algebra, I was on the deck of a pirate ship or in an airplane shooting down the Red Baron.”
— Robert D. McFadden, “Clive Cussler, Best-Selling Author and Adventurer, Is Dead at 88,” The New York Times, February 27, 2020 : A27

28 February 2020

tags: alphabet; blackboard; method; sideways glance; slate; vizpo; windows; Clive Cussler