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words : too many, 1

But alas, I spend too many words in so manifest and so miserable a matter       1
do they disconnect the Tenor, and confound the Sense       2
too many ways ; too many words       3
and I have designedly omitted the other rough surfaces, lest, by crowding too many words in the description of such small bones, the whole should be unintelligible       4
and pathet
thetick ; yet too diffuse . He has ick , and his style laconick . He
too many words, especially in his
last works       5
Too many words, and too much illustration       6
there were too many words about       7


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    nice landing, at Austrian National Library copy, digitized September 24, 2014
  2. ex John Roche, Moravian Heresy, Wherein the principal errors of that Doctrine, as taught throughout several parts of Europe and America, by Count Zinzendorf, Mr. Cennick, and other Moravian Teachers, are fully set forth, proved, and refuted. Also, a short account of the rise and progress of that sect, &c., &c. (Dublin, 1751) : 30
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  5. ex “On the Old Divines, from Doddridge’s MS Lectures, Lecture 3, Dissenting Teachers of the Present Age,” in The Panoplist, Or, The Christian’s Armory 4:1 (September 1805) : 153
    OCR misread across columns
  6. ex James Beattie (1735-1803 *). Elements of Moral Science. Vol. 2 of 2 (The second edition; Edinburgh, 1807) : 288
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29 May 2020

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