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words : too many, 2

Then a little girl came into court.
Girl, you say, you did not know it to
her too many words to swear to already
Lodeman. No, but as they told me.       1
encompass’d with too many Words       2
a saying of Pope,
that he sometimes finds too many letters in her words,
but never too many words in her letters      3


  1. where, at 1183-1184, young Jane Lodeman (“I was 13 last Saturday”), witness, acquits herself well in examination (and cross-examination) in
    ex 303. The Trial of Laurence Braddon and Hugh Speke, at the King’s-Bench, for a Misdemeanor, in suborning Witnesses to prove the Earl of Essex was murdered by his Keepers: 36 Charles II. A.D. 1684.
    in A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and other Crimes and Misdemeanours. Vol. 9 (1682-84); (London, 1816) : 1127-1332
    OCR misread across columns
    for context, see entry for Laurence Braddon (d. 1724) at DNB
  2. “and some new express ’d, or added,”
    Mr Pope to Mr Wycherley. Nov. 20, 1707.
    in Letters of Mr. [Alexander] Pope, and Several Eminent Persons, from the Year 1705 to 1735. Vol. 1. (London, 1735) : 31
  3. ex Mrs. Caesar to Swift, August 6. 1732 (?),
    in Lord Mahon (Philip Henry Stanhope 1805-75 *). History of England : From the Peace of Utrecht to the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle. Vol. 2 of 3. (Second edition, revised; London, 1839) : 332

29 May 2020

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