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words : too many, 3

rather too many words, and
somewhat exaggerated features of such characters;
but the ne quid nimis seems a rule       1
under separate heads.
But there are too many words       2
too many words, on a       3
matter with rather too many words,       4
too many words, and perplex the mind       5
far too many words upon a theme       6


  1. ex “Remarks on Lochandhu, by a critic of the old school” in The Edinburgh Magazine, and Literary Miscellany (“Being a new series of The Scots Magazine,” July 1825) : 1-11 (4)
    Ne quid nimis : Latin for “nothing in excess” (wikipedia)
  2. ex notice (review) of The Funamental Words of the Greek Language, adapted to the memory of the student by means of derivations and derivatives, passages from the classical writers, and other associations.By F. Valpy (London, 1826), in The Classical Journal 33 (March and June, 1826) : 170-178 (171)
  3. “on a point,” ex A Few Brief Remarks on the Scriptural Evidence in favour of the observance of water baptism and the Lord’s Supper; to which are added, some observations on the propriety of reading the Scriptures in assemblies for the worship of God. (Kendal, 1836) : 13
  4. ex review of W. E. E. Conwell, M.R.I.A. (Surgeon of the Madras Establishment, &c.), his A Treatise on the Functional and Structural Changes of the Liver, in the Progress of Disease... (Oct. 1835), in The Medico-chirurgical Review, and Journal of Practical Medicine (April 1, 1836) : 378-384
    Conwell, who died at Bangalore, May 18, 1836, appears (from a cursory survey) to have been respected in his day, notwithstanding this tepid review. He did an inspection tour of hospitals in Singapore in 1828.*
  5. from a letter to Robert A——, Nottingham, May 7th, 1804, in The Complete Works of Henry Kirke White, of Nottingham, late of St. John’s College, Cambridge. With an Account of his life. By Robert Southey. (Boston, 1837) : 245
    on White (1785-1806), consult wikipedia
  6. ex John Frederick Denison Maurice (1805-72 *). The kingdom of Christ: or Hints on the principles, ordinances, and constitution of the Catholic Church in letters to a member of the Society of Friends. By a clergyman of the Church of England. Vol. II. (London, 1837) : 346

29 May 2020

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