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a lumber room, a few quacks, a fundamental principle of

roper, that she did not hear Pomona’s pri-
“I can’t breathe if I do ; but I suppose rate readings.
that’s no matter,” I replied. On one occasion, even Euphemia’s influ
The reading continued . nce
could scarcely restrain me from violent · Ha,
ha!       1
teeth clicked on the rim of the tumbler.
“I can’t breathe! My heart       2       a lumber
room. — Ugh! I can’t breathe.
How do you manage to live here?”       3
a few quacks. / clutching at the heart;
she exclaimed, “I can’t breathe,”
But it is a fundamental principle of the Association that       4
I can’t breathe no more
I want to go up north to the 1000 Islands       5


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    “No; but she needn’t read aloud in that way.”
    “She can’t read any other way,” said Euphemia, drowsily...
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