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unthought; looking doubtfully at the paper; ness of roofs

and sometimes I half thought ness,
looking very doubtfully at the paper;       1
Not thought ness; Unspillet; Unspoiled; Unspotted, Unspottedness;
not supposed to be : Unthought of, not regarded.
Unsquared; Unstained; Unstimped; Unstanched
Un-thought       2
either sentences or words — the mind
was absent on a preaching expedition,
must be elevated above self, and must
shows the state of tumult, yet hopeful
be wholly absorbed in the thought
ness, in       3
thought ness of roofs; inside, the musty old       4
thought. ness of design and finish.       5
scarce any thought ness.
The low murmur of voices       6


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    aside —
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7 June 2021