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n. cushion for the

head. the mind, or organs of in colours; v.t. to
paint Pillow. n. cushion for the thought (ness. or represent       1
would, that you thought ness could       2
is thought ness are both fallacies.”       3


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  2. OCR confusions at Not Wisely, But Too Well : A Novel. By the author of “Cometh Up as a Flower.” (New York, 1868) : 64
    That would be Rhoda Broughton (1840-1920), prolific novelist, “Queen of the circulating libraries.” Thorough entry at wikipedia.
    See also ‘Rhoda Broughton and Her Contemporaries: A Centenary Conference’ (11th September 2021, University of Greenwich, London), a virtual conference to commemorate the centenary of Rhoda Broughton’s death; hosted by the VPFA and co-organised with Dr. Graziella Stringos.
  3. OCR cross-column misread, at Edward Garrett, Chapter 19, “The Right of Refusal,” in “The Occupations of a Retired Life.” The Sunday Magazine (May 1, 1868) : 496-506 (501)
    Edward Garrett was a pseudonym of Isabella Fyvie Mayo (1843-1914), a Scottish poet, novelist, suffragist, reformer and (for two weeks, until her nerves could not endure it) worker in a telegraph office.
    See her entry at Minor Victorian Writers, also at wikipedia.
    The Sunday Magazine was edited by Thomas Guthrie (1803-73) and William Garden Blaikie (1820-99). On Guthrie and the magazine, see this entry at the Ragged Theology blog (July 9, 2013)

7 June 2021