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𝍡 𝍢𝍠𝍣 that imbroglio of mind merely

distraction distraint distrait
from A New English Dictionary On Historical Principles (Vol 3, pt 1; 1897) : 530

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A severed or divided form,
Dispersion, scattering. Obs
Grk Gram   The resolution of a long vowel into two vowels, identical or differing only in quantity
The drawing away (of the mind or thoughts) from one point or course to another ; diversion of the mind or attention
My little affairs are in such distraction
all Obs
oft times,
A distempered melancholy [     ] distraction
of action, f. distrahere to pull asunder,
Abounding in or fraught with
that imbroglio of [     ] mind [     ]
with distracting tendency
Whether the flag flapped soothingly or distractively
what the French call a distraction
An instance or occasion of
expressing the purpose
confounded with
merely intensive
fig To hold in its grasp, as disease, sickness, love, to distress, oppress, afflict Obs.
To rend or tear asunder

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