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Mistakes and accidents will occur.

detail (inv), advertisement for “Glyco-Thymoline” in The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal 168:14 (Thursday, April 3, 1913) : 3
Harvard copy, digitized July 16, 2007

The advertisement appears in every number in the present volume. The poor scan is duplicated (and corrected) at the next page opening, and reads thus —

K. & O. douche for the application of Glyco-Thymoline to the nasal cavities.
Glyco-Thymoline is used for catarrhal conditions of mucous membrane in any part of the body.
Nasal, throat, stomach, intestinal, rectal and utero-vaginal catarrh.
Kress & Owen Company. 361 Pearl Street, New York, &c., &c.,
Formula : Benzo-Salicyl, Sod. 33.33; Eucalyptol .333; Thymol .17; Salicylate of Methyl from Betula Lenta .16; Methol .08; Pini Pumilionis .17; Glycerine and solvents q.s. 480.
Liberal samples will be sent free of cost to any physician mentioning this Journal.

See its onlinebooks page for an overview of The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal (that would later be NEJM)

The journal (different volume) had come up in a long-ago search for the “nonword” antoms, which yielded may antoms at brighton reach, through antoms of   (1894).

Epigram from Aspects of the Milk Supply, 3. “The Medical Milk Commission of Boston” by Robert I. De Normandie (Boston), same volume (April 24, 1913) : 615-617 (616). The epigram relates to a recent exchange about different meanings/nuances of the words “error” and “mistake”.

Glyco-Thymoline continues to exist (as of 2021), as the “Original Alkaline Mouthwash — Patented Formula Since 1894” — from glyco-thymoline.net.
The website indirectly suggests that Glyco-Thymoline can reduce vulnerability to viruses. See the page headlined “Viruses and pH Sensitivity” and featuring a stylized illustration of a corona-shaped virus. The argument is that because viruses are pH sensitive, the product, as an alkaline cleansing solution, can when used daily bring the body towards an alkaline pH. source (research by Dr. Mark Sircus)

Glyco-Thymoline was also touted by Edgar Cayce (1872-1945), the clairvoyant “Sleeping Prophet,” for its beneficent qualities as an “internal antiseptic” and (heat) “pack.” See the 1966 paper by Cecil Nichols, available in the Edgar Cayce Health Database. See wikipedia for more on Cayce.

The expression internal antiseptic brings immediately to (this) mind, a former president’s public musings that a disinfectant (e.g., hydroxychloroquine or Lysol) or ultraviolet light might be taken internally to cure covid-19.

3 August 2021