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a greater amount than the enough [     ] depth of the Moss where       1
here and there thrown high [     ] the water was thirty-nine months [     ] a footbold to the scant and hardy In       2
searching it out from the confused mass we found enough       3
( Though sometimes there is a small fire from the carriages, the place being so... )       4
quite enough damage done.
The Storm-Birds or Channelbill Cuckoos were feeding in the big fig-trees for hours       5
out in the grounds; lead stripped from the roof; enough       6
I have seen enough damage done by curl-leaf this morning to pay for spraying all the orchards within five miles.       7
freezing weather has passed and left its scars upon these exposed places.
At any rate there was enough       8
sho’ been enough damage done at thata heap of it.
Some o’ the houses all caved in. The Benedittis los’ everythin’ they owned.
Dommage! With all them kids!       9
square enough / damage done       10
enough damage done by one flood       11
enough damage done to make doors       12
In his opinion, a distinctive enough damage       13
There’s been enough damage done already by me meddling.       14
and that it has given very and enough damage done in one hour’s the question-asking habit.       15
enough damage done now.
All the same, I wonder why she doesn’t get rid of the horse.       16
and if this were not enough damage done, my eyeglass was       17

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“Quite enough damage done for one day.”

Lady Diana Shedden (1898-1935? *) and Lady Aspley (1895-1966, wikipedia), ”To Whom the Goddess...Hunting and Riding for Women (London, 1932) : 185

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