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jute, 1

Has sowing commenced ?
Everything is favorable for sowing
First sowing has been washed away
Second sowing will make up for the first
Sowing in the high lands
Sowing in the low lands
How is sowing progressing ?


ex Private Jute Code, compiled by A. C. Sen. Manager, Khetter Mohun Dey & Co.
Chandpur. Tipperah. [now Chandpur District, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh]
Printed by N. N. Sil at the Fine Art Press.
2, Latoo Baboos’s Lane, Calcutta.

Bengal Library accession stamp (4 August 1910)
now National Library of India (Kolkata) copy, via archive.org

The Phrases start where they should, with 00001 / Sowing, at the first page.

from the preface —
“Every possible care and best endeavours have been taken in its compilation and to make the ‘Code’ complete and as far as possible self-contained, and in it the author has attempted to introduce, in their proper places, such matters as his experience in business for over 20 years has deemed necessary.”

A. C. Sen is also author of A Report on the System of Agriculture in the Dacca District, which drew favorable notice in the Indian Forester (March 1894, 116-117) and which is cited in subsequent literature, e.g., Radhakamal Mukerjee, The Changing Face of Bengal : A Study in Riverine Economy (1938) : 54

22 November 2021