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in the middle of the Salt Market

verso of title page, BL copy,
Advice to Communicants, for necessary Preparation, and profitable Improvement of the great and comfortable Ordinance of the Lord’s Supper: That therein true Spiritual Communion with Christ may be obtained, and the eternal Enjoyment of God sealed.
By Robert Craighead, Minister of the Gospel at L. Derry.
Glasgow: Printed by John Robertson and Mris. McLean, book sellers in the middle of the Salt Market, 1740.
an earlier edition (by Robert Craghead) appeared in 1695.

“that dangerous Unfixedness, that hath no Degree....”     p 146

See (the brief) entry for Craighead, Robert Sr. (1633?-1711) at the McClintock and Strong Biblical Cyclopedia.
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16 December 2021