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an un-one scum, the unfixity of

and unfixedness; for the name of       1
that dangerous Unfixedness, that hath no Degree       2
unfixedness, or the absence of all design.       3
We need not dwell upon the tempting facilities which the unfixedness and
lubricity of the language present       4
inseparable from our present subject, arising from
the unfixedness of the symbols which we are compelled to employ —       5
leading them into the midst of that dim / now before us. / region of universal unfixedness
where she / In many passages in this volume, some / herself wanders       6
unfixedness of thought has been like a “fiery furnace” to me for some months.       7
the internal unfixedness and restless change of shape that
have been spoken of as the leading characteristic of the colourless       8
Zu - tin - pu - tin - yin - kin .
“Sutra on the seal of entering fixedness and unfixedness.”
Niyatâniyatagati-mudrâvatâra       9
with classified and thought-multiplying lists,
comparative tables, and elaborate indices
alphabetical, topical, textual, and scriptural
sustained by hesitancy,
irresoluteness, unfixedness. An un-one       10
scum on the water riving hither and thither,
a filthy mass which all men see and speculate on,
but which dies away in the evening because of its very unfixedness.
All the thousand definite and exact stories       11
as we shall see hereafter, unFixedness       12
the unfixedness of the fixéd stars       13

prompted by exchange about the word “malleable;” “dictionary” excluded from search terms

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