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putterings, 27-1

who ever heard
to walk slowly or feebly; to halt, hobble...
to use the country phrase
there is a difference
the meagre remains
the man of broad, clear, imaginative vision, not
small potatoes; long manure
past the need; she could spend all day in the greenhouse
or, Passion and Reality
Oh, nothing very special — nothing of any great consequence — —
nothing that he would call any thing, or you either, taken separately
not a bit of it, it’s only puttering around
my economy quilt
metal things at the hardware store
in one minute, and vigorous execution
I do not much wish well to discoveries, for discoveries
departed with his gloves
curious puttering studies, crackling coals
broke in with this searching remark
as a “monstrous” creature, puffing
an abundant element of
about a bit, especially to wait

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