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This page lists archived tumblr posts in my puutterings project (2022, ongoing). Numbers at left are links to the archived posts. Columns are sortable (may need to click twice). Reload to re-sort.

this index has given rise to a series of derivations, at asfaltics : link

what is this.

1 1912 Chicago (South Park Commissioners) nevertheless economy; efficiency
2 1916 Collins, A. Frederick not a bit of it, it’s only puttering around electricity; experiment
3 1910 McGlauflin, Idabelle Handicraft for Girls there is a difference education
4 1914 Farnum, Royal B. in one minute, and vigorous execution education
5 1860 Clifford, Nell who ever heard vanitas
6 1860 Puttering, Judith Judith obituary
7 1917 Anderson, Sherwood always The Seven Arts
8 1927 Hull, Helen R. past the need; she could spend all day in the greenhouse solitude; The Seven Arts
9 1911 Watts, Mary Stanbery the meagre remains  
10 1911 Dustin, S. T. ESS-TEE-DEE dandruf; hair
11 1917 Wyatt, Edith an abundant element of Elinore Pruitt Stewart
12 1918 Lewis, Sinclair curious puttering studies, crackling coals gray centuries
13 1922 Chen, Da (通夫) as a “monstrous” creature, puffing China; flappers
14 1922 Lockert, Lacy (on John Galsworthy) the man of broad, clear, imaginative vision, not experiment; vagaries
15 2004 Knopp, Lisa (on Frank Zyback) metal things at the hardware store center-pivot irrigators; invention
16 1827 Hedge, Mary Ann (M. A. H.) about a bit, especially to wait  
17 1843 Emerson, Ralph Waldo to use the country phrase nails
18 1841 Seneca, The New Genesee Farmer small potatoes; long manure long manure; root culture
19 1855 Stephens, Harriet Marion or, Passion and Reality Hagar; race
20 1849 Knickerbocker, The broke in with this searching remark coincidences
21 1863 Adams, Mrs. G. H. (Elba, Wis.) nothing that he would call any thing, or you either, taken separately how any one could get tired
22 1903 Wright, Joseph English Dialect Dict. to walk slowly or feebly; to halt, hobble... lexicon
23 1900 Lowe, F. T. reserves telegraphic code; social code
24 1924 Hull, Helen R. departed with his gloves puer aeternus
25 1843 Johnson, Samuel; The Knickerbocker I do not much wish well to discoveries, for discoveries
26 1839 Pierce, Daniel Thompson Oh, nothing very special — nothing of any great consequence — — Vermont
27 1860 Soule, Caroline A. my economy quilt clergymen’s wives; economy
27a 1860 Soule, Caroline A. my economy quilt transcription, ibid.
28 1865 Stoddard, Elizabeth with gum-arabic and sea-weed  
29 1921 Anderson, Sherwood about with a camera, nowhere into nothing  
30 1866 Alger, W. R. (on Madame Swetchine) of time, and no exhaling vapor  
31 1855 Fern, Fanny (Sarah Payson Willis) it would be stepping off your pedestal, you’ve got other things to do antimonial; husbands
32 1855 Fern, Fanny (Sarah Payson Willis) and, with the timely aid of a stray sunbeam “good-for-nothingness”
33 1897 Root, Frederick Stanley power through repose Annie Payson Call
34 1901 New Mexico, Governor of a visionary scheme, it was declared date palm; desert; present signs
35 1911 Cameron, Ruth (Persis Dwight Hannah) and they’ve rusted and most ruined the skirt class; housekeeping
36 1902 Sylvester, Sara the seams, with the comforting remark sanitarium
37 1898 Lloyd, Alfred Henry what he does or makes is wholly idle, being useless to him in the next minute action; doubt; laboratories
38 1897 Herrick, Robert She wondered what he had been so anxious to burn. papers
39 1904 Clarke, Lulu MacClure The exigencies of the case demand feminist; some peculiar reasons
40 1908 Domestic Engineering regular monkey and parrot time Master of Mechanical Details
41 1911 Automobile Topics that the electric is essentially a woman’s vehicle EV; automotive; gender
42 1903 Hardy, Arthur Sherburne But the life is so narrow, their interests so small... socio-economic class
43 1902 Clark, Edward B. And the meadows are green. the forty-thousand dollar carnation
43a 1902 Farmers’ Review lightly and disappeared negro, negroes; racism; whites
44 1900 Crockett, Montgomery A. of hemorrhage, and the avoidance of “puttering” during the operation gynecology; shock; surgery
45 1901 Marcy, Henry O. the chief cornerstone in the new edifice gynecology; instrumentalism
46 1911 Kimball, Atkinson (pseud.) green to see what happens conceptualist musing; amateurism
47 1918 Wallace, Emma Gary so much of it fragmentary clergy; philosophical pharmacy
48 1991 Waugh, Douglas M.D. not only unnecessary but also of little or no immediate importance mindless activity; recuperative
49 1918 Norris, Charles Gilman the clink of glasses. presently en passant
50 1918 Bulletin of Photography makeshift things, things that are a day of doers, of men who see
51 2021 Fitbit for a plurality of moments of interest metabolic equivalent of task (MET)
52 1922 Sies, Alice Corbin all bound up in the use of the hands Spontaneous and Supervised Play
53 1920 Clum, Woodworth ultimates and confiscation, pink variety A. W. Calhoun; W. E. Zeuch
54 1920 Cooke, Edmund Vance to train the ants to play and dance, to teach the toad to stutter verse; recuperative
55 1918 Tuttle, W. C. around, and writing letters loitering; suspicion; westerns
56 1942 Parks, Robert O. it was raining outside. the arts of war; recuperative
57 1915 Hale, Louise Closser some dull wooden station, muddy town motoring; mud; recuperative
58 1915 Universal Drafting Machine Co. enemy to accuracy, and produces bad habits of thought drawing; mental hygiene
59 1912 Austin, Mary Hunter fairly bristling with an objectionable maleness anger; offensiveness; retail
60 1864 The Country Gentleman, N. J. C. any single thing which can be enumerated agriculture; Mr. Anti-putterer
61 1878 Bell, Mrs. Lucia Chase here a little, and there a little of learning; reading; recuperative
62 1961 Caillois, Roger wan... detached and idle, certain game theory; orientalizing
63 1879 Tourgée, Albion Winegar legislators and theorizers have been puttering and quibbling upon the idea racism; reconstruction
64 1980 Tyler, Anne a tinkering, puttering, hardware sort hardware; tinkering
65 1884 Pierce, L. B. that all skilled work is puttering the cheapness of land; recuperative
66 1886 Jennings, Thomas with this burlesque as a consequence residential schools; Menominee
67 1892 Thwaites, Reuben Gold (on Lyman Draper) and as for generalization he abhorred it American border history
68 1891 Eggleston, Edward (and A. S. Winston) a readjustment of the relations between the moon and tides aërial therapeutics
69 1895 McConnell, Alice Barber and she began the “puttering” rambling over the foot-hills relief; temperance
70 1897 Powers, S.; Clute, Oscar with water and shade and perhaps, after light frost in November strawberries; casava; the ministry
71 1902 Wilson, Harry Leon absolute zero on fortune, and spending it
72 1903 Cotton, Alfred C., M.D. the man who intends breastfeeding; maleness
73 1912 Snow, Mary S. the less money, the more need for psychology comparative puttering; economy
74 1906 Kuyper, Abraham varnish and plaster... the well-known mirage of the desert anti-modernism; jeremiad
75 1913 Flandrau, Charles Macomb the reduction of puttering to a science minimalist living
76 1907 Horn, P. W. (Houston, Texas) and so long as a blind trail education; habit-formation
77 1913 Weed, Clarence Moores on my “abandoned farm” herpetology
78 1905 Whiting, Maisie B. that Sobriety was puttering around here The Pink Swan Pattern
79 1913 Johnson, C. N. an ingenuity not to be despised, a material of which we are never certain decay; dental; pyorrhea alveolaris
80 1906 Miller, Charles C. when in a good season there ought to be lively work apiary; starvation
81 1907 Indian School Journal (Chilocco) the most genuine surviving relic, their wares spread out about them residential schools; wrinklings
82 1905 Austin, Mary Hunter oners. Besides
83 1908 Sweet, Frank H. big clump of tickle grass and flung ageism; puttering as obligation
83a 1908 Sweet, Frank H. A New Start transcription, ibid.
84 1919 Treves, André about’; and not until long after does he awake idleness; rehabilitation; war
85 1921 Perry, Ralph Barton Domestic Superstitions gender politics; domestic economy
86 1921 Collins, Harrison black threads for lines Japan; mistranslation
87 1921 cynic stock, petty mire H. D.; The Bookman
88 1922 Black, Alexander (and Esther Brock Bird) the peering, puttering analyses of subject, the apprehensive discrimination What’s in a Place?; The Bookman
89 1921 Riess, John as he is today; and his duty toward engineering; labor; AFL
90 1996 Gornick, Vivian in a drawerful of little cardboard boxes gender; hardware; small anxieties
91 1911 Fay, Charles Norman with details. a live issue. another plain tale. so long. Chicago; “Is Democracy a Failure?”
92 1916 Stone, George E. tamping and troweling shade trees; unscrupulous workers
93 1914 Caldwell, Daniel E. that he should do this and do that Pacific Poultrycraft; rabbit-keeping
94 1915 Pattison, Harold arch enemy to highest usefulness clergy; ministry; distractions
95 1920 Corbett, Elizabeth Frances up to a certain point; that point passed painting; procrastination
96 1918 Burroughs, Edgar Rice a hopeless endeavour north; The Gods of Mars
97 1918 Adams, Edward F. (Commonwealth Club) It does not get anywhere. immigration; race; California
98 1918 Sharp, Dallas Lore in some Minnesota pasapoplectic struggle, plover though it be “Birds of the Salt Marsh”
99 1922 Boddy, Luther the exhaust? that noise? the Black body; racism
100 1923 Schwimmer, Rosika another puttering utpouring Cécile Tormay; Hungarian politics
101 1959 Van Gogh, Vincent silly theory, in four columns
102 1925 Jones, Marc Edmund planing away the surface Codex Occultus; Sabian Assembly
103 1912 Wells, Kate Gannett needless ironing. domestic economy; efficiency
103a 1912 Wells, Kate Gannett Tangible Present, Thoughts of Strange Things, A Silent Appeal ibid.; context
104 1883 Champney, Lizzie W.; The Continent and, strange to say, he went over the mountain this evening woman’s work; Albion W. Tourgée
105 2010 Schulenberg, Thomas S., et al pee’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’i’ew. birdsong; ornithology; Peru
106 1875 Pollock, Frederick sparing of words, yet by a condensation William Macready; putterance
107 1782 Baker, David Erskine styled in the ride; page one of Levell’d. Wood putterance; “like will to like”
108 1915 Silas, Uncle puttering light in the leaves efficiency; poetry; stenography
109 1911 Mulford, Clarence Edward And there was that geologist; he must have slipped one noon innocent or suspicious puttering
110 1904 Bryant, Lilian True under the trees in the hay fields, with the same Latin grammar education; Nathaniel T. True
111 1881 Dall, Caroline Wells Healey a sort of angry impatience, a uniformity of change proto-influencers; California
112 1900 Lee, Jennette (Barbour Perry) afraid of being laughed at. It was his conscience. gender; woman’s work
113 2012 Summerfield, Mark with a map Go; ordered map; Philip K. Dick
114 1977 Babitz, Eve the world got slower baseball; Los Angeles; motoring
115 1994 Eigner, Larry sundry times, around Larry Eigner; Baruch Spinoza; ToC
116 1975 Ashbery, John a lot of here and there dust; method
117 1923 Kelley, Edith Summers of much commoner clay; a mere clod pestilence
118 1868 Blood, Benjamin Paul these simple imitations, as dissimilar as a horse and an intuition alphabet; poetical engines
119 1913 Jennings, Al; Irwin, Will Dick, engage this person in conversation while I look around. ineptitude; lawnessness; Oklahoma
120 1915 Lockhart, Caroline thick, and a safe distance from the work mining; Wyoming
121 1903 Jamieson, Malcolm McGregor ever so far removed from mere “the most elemental, the highest art”
122 1920 Chatham, Dennis and Marion; A. L. M. anything that is frankly trivial dictionaries; woodpeckers
123 1902 Chicago Dry Goods Reporter lines on a side street, circling Ray Bradbury; Oklahoma
124 1929 Wolfe, Albert Benedict both virgin wool and shoddy Foundation pennies; insignificances
125 1910 Gilman, Charlotte Perkins talking machines; alphabets of dead languages ageism; humanness
126 1912 Clark, Mary Gail (Gomez) and they turned their attention to the drama gender-fluid; nuclear; abstraction
127 1960 Nash, Jay B.; Fyodor Dostoevsky a bridge; a character of uselessness leisure; work, purposeful
128 1925 Simmons, Charles Finlay or a whe-e r r r r o o o of a more sudden low goop-goop birdsong; ornithology; Texas
129 1922 Lee, Gerald Stanley a saw and a nail, a passing word exercise; unkrinkling; walking
130 1875 Hering, Constantine Borax. Plumbum. Sepia, can scarcely. homeopathy; materia medica
131 2015 Baume, Sara Here’s my driftwood. joining the swatches. pottering
132 1913 Lagerstedt, Albert by blowing out the gas filibustering; W. K. Rogers
132a 1913 Lagerstedt, Albert a cup of cream. I belong to no church William Kissane Rogers
132b 1919 Juda, Miss Fanny California Filibusters filibustering; William Walker, et al.
133 1933 Olson, Charles; Herman Melville stranger lands, disturbed the dust would be presentiments; rovings
134 1890 Hamsun, Knut; Lyngstad, Sverre puslende pusler, pusle, pusled some strips of paper
135 1874 Perkins, Frederic Beecher the huge dark ungainly mass of order; disorder, daughters
136 1991 Adams, Alice; Norris, Charles Gilman but he was unaccustomed to it gardening; orts; Berkeley
137 1977 Handke, Peter then silence. in the end
138 2013 various suttera puttera; ja, doch, schon putterance; and followed by a pause
139 1989 King, Florence sputtering, instead of gardening; orts
140 1909 Tracy, Virginia the gray stage, the gray grays; theatre
141 1924 Seabury, David gray-haired men, their contraptions and strange sentences bench vs desk; grays; telegraphy
142 1903 Ford, Guy Stanton utterances of, hopeless Prussia
143 1925 Levick, M. B. I guess that’s taking dictation putterment
143a Levick, M. B. writings, sorted ibid.; context
144 1878 Woodruff, George H., et al all conspired to divest the wilderness of its romance puuttering; Joliet; “Fort Nonsense”
145 1859 Ainsworth, Robert; Anthon, Charles a strawberry. a puuttering or sound puuttering; to have nothing to do
146 2011 Sutherland, John do not fall happily from the lips putterage (bricolage); method
147 1913 Thorndike, E. L. aimless in the sense all; because it is what it is
148 1957 Du Bois, W. E. B. What became of him? race
149 1952 du Bois, William Pène Not at all. interior décor
150 1950 Du Bois, Theodora planning this improvement and that “Next year we’ll do so and so.”
151 1972 Gorky State Pedagogical Institute graphomania; in the way, in the same way, not the most important ones putterage; разговорной речи
152 1922 Forman, Henry James Oh, there’s Boccaccio even moves to the country
153 1973 Audio-Visual Education Center, UMich a rainy Thursday; the washing machine won’t start. boredom; bricolage; French
154 1998 Clover, Carol J.; Douglas, Stan a zero point much like gardening; mud; out of synch
155 2008 Storr, Robert; Taylor, Al at this juncture ad nauseum; exhausts its utility
156 1927 Noyes, Pierrepont comparing passages, yesterday and tomorrow
157 1902 Noyes, Charles Johnson several things, nothing much Uncle Silas; old lame darkey
158 1923 Noyes, John Humphrey little signs and omens, devil’s providences they might be called repudiations; Oneida Community
159 1938 Frontier Bees and Honey we talked about margins, the necessary rule of Alfred Noyes; apiary; fit and fill
160 1914 Young, Rose Emmet got drowned in the dishwater apophony; lumber; middle age
161 1889 Mulford, Prentice two hours a day apophony; “Thoughts are Things”
161a Mulford, Prentice writings, sorted; and about “his was a wanderer’s life”
162 1871 Blackwell, Antoinette Brown a late sense [of] sand, and barnacles still apophony; clergy; mementos
162a 1980 Leach, William E. its discursiveness, its failure to define Antoinette Brown Blackwell
163 1886 Farmers’ Review on a northern or northwestern slope, this need but little further agriculture; apophony
164 1911 Pier, Florida (Mrs. Scott-Maxwell) easily shown up, Umm! picturesque destitution
165 1870 Harper’s Weekly kick bim and bling into ruins, re itineracy; tinkering
166 1906 Hale, Louise Closser speranza, the delicate construction of a passing hansom; cogs; motoring
167 1909 Sanders, Grace Boteler so much racket; why, and why apophony; temperance
168 1957 Lageman, John K. ; Remington, Frank L. puttering spirits, a 1½ pound wrench blimp; Coronet; sleep
169 Pier, Florida writings, sorted; and about
169a 1909 Pier, Florida The Blessed Ambient “the deepest importance to lyricism”
169b 1910 Pier, Florida; Henry James Pale Adventurers “old gentlemen... his real heroines”
169c 1908 Pier, Florida The Passing of the New England Conscience “The door is open.”
169d 1911 Pier, Florida Emotions Attendant on Acquiring a Desk “the understanding between you”
169e 1911 Pier, Florida Happiness “too elusive... to be even named”
169f 1912 Pier, Florida The Mental Pendulum; Projects of the Future “and by its borrowed light”
170 1950 Seymour, Wilfred E. another object; still another garden cutting tool; scratches; tears
171 1910 Pier, Florida People with Gardens gardening; “gomerels”
172 2019 Skubik, Marjorie, et al; Univ of Missouri in some embodiments restlessness; surveillance
173 1941 Dunham, Ethel Collins at her easel, wandering leisure pursuits; unexceptional
174 1942 Hearst’s International just as it should be, (somewhere) a thousand miles away gardening; “lucky, lucky, lucky”
175 1996 Casanova, Ronald; Stephen Blackburn a puttering kind of old social work
176 1920 Lee, Gerald Stanley a puttering kind of store post office
177 1899 Westcott, Edward Noyes kind of an ole foozle, but... skunk bus’nis, an’ though education; putty; skunks
178 1919 Blackford, Katherine M. H., M.D. always busy but never the ‘fit,’ the ‘unfit,’ and the ‘misfit’
179 2020 Tobar, Héctor asphalt, sea lanes away asphalt; Peruvian potato patches
180 1944 Saturday Evening Post The color scheme was her idea asphalt; blue; soft blue walls
181 1997 Florida Wildlife in a her made island asphalt; this particular morning
182 1918 Eichhorn, Theodore close to the question asphalt; patching and puttering
183 1994 Huddle, David; Garrett, George I don’t too much like prose; and you really meant it
184 1937 Bledsoe, Mary puttering rocks, shadows slant North Carolina; “rural fiction”
185 1938 Benjamin, Walter for like the names of the deceased desk; desks; exercise books
186 1976 High Fidelity errant emanations, the unidentified aside “But be philosophical.”
187 1993 Ebmeier, Larry closeted so long AIDS; philosophical puttering
188 2006 Crease, Robert P.; Lutterbie, John each moment, a making-explicit of interpretation; technique
189 1926 Anderson, Frederick the discovery of a fact the subtle fluid; the new kind of air
190 1958 Howells, J. Harvey without drive, the hidden terror gardening; slough of cordiality
191 1968 Plasencia, Peter P.; and Stone, and Siegel one piece rather; what holds paper; scissors; mereology; conatus
192 1907 Wells, Carolyn; Herzog, Felix teleseme, spoonless; the hand flies back when your want is known “Yassum,” said the maid.
193 1993 Caldwell, Bruce J. thus, and not in vain philosophy and methodology
194 1968 Rodgers, Andrew Denny; Asa Gray et al studying roses considerably as he journeyed botany; Georg Engelmann
195 1880 Frank Leslie’s Pleasant Hours (anon) season after season be-still tinkered patents; blacksmithing; inventions
196 1912 The School Journal (anon) fine-spun arithmetic, sure and exact sojuring; progressive education
197 1908 Hall, G. Stanley the alternative, if, as, must telepathy
198 1909 Hughes, Rupert; Hall, G. Stanley the spirits could not séance, pocket-mirror scribes indictment; occultism; spiritualism
199 1899 Hughes, Rupert The whole problem was reversed. wrestling
200 1915 Hughes, Rupert; James M. Flagg He thought its outline was familiar. chase scene; obstacles; 641416
201 1917 Hughes, Rupert; James M. Flagg the superlative human luxury sparrows; unwarrantably defaced
202 1919 Hughes, Rupert; Raleigh, Henry Patrick a circle that cannot be quite squared marriage; quandaries
203 1926 Hughes, Rupert She had kept it alive by soothing it to silence bluffs and bottoms; hardware lit
204 1920 Hughes, Rupert; Snapp, Frank the defects of his qualities and the qualities of his defects sculpture
205 1923 Hughes, Rupert; Keller, Arthur Ignatius almost pleasant at this distance glaciers; shame; walls
206 1798 Immanuel Kant the thread between her fingers unbedeutenden gesprächen
207 1845 Douglass, Frederick; anon. every day, and every where; nothing about it slavery; race; racism
208 1909 Pier, Florida and he gave his thoughts a loose reign  
209 1910 Payne, Will speaking at random... sneaked off to the library domestic harmony; idiocity
210 1921 Payne, Will or rather, a divided mind baffling plot; detective story
211 1867 Hamilton, Gail; Hauck, Jack E. Quite a big boat, for such a relatively small pond. wool-gathering; boat, eponymous
212 1999 Donniger, Wendy (ed.) a thread of blue. Deuteronomy; Numbers
213 1924 Dakin, W. J. “Respiration in fishes” and “Putterism.” differences of opinion
214 1957 Jernigan, Muriel Molland the thousand and one tasks a working girl neglects Katharine Carl; 慈禧太后
215 1900 Zwilgmeyer, Dikken; Holter, Clara Alice in utmost astonishment
216 1957 Corbett, Elizabeth Frances We won’t stay a minute. Where’s the rest? a new reason to live
217 1928 Flint, Leon Nelson said it felt like spring dance; trite subjects
218 1915 Boot & Shoe Workers Union and dancing around / to the hard place dance
219 1921 Science and Invention and mussing looking wish lay upon a cushion the quiet suburbs of Los Angeles
220 1920 Science and Invention a rheostat. a condenser. a lifetime’s work, and tightening of screws. Frank R. Paul (illustrator)
221 1872 Smith, William; B. F. W.; S. C. B. invisible sometimes a place of Bible, dictionary of
222 1921 Greg, Albert Sidney; Rowland Haynes spare time, a brace and a bit, an entirely new groove Invisible University; hobbies
223 1919 American Lutheran Survey in the files, some of the invisible around visibles; a narrow limited circle
224 1914 Lyman, Olin. L; LeBlanc, Maurice specialized reading, a new line even more insoluble visibles; “Picture the situation.”
225 1926 Mortimer, Lillian (Naillil Remitrom) Dusts chair, dusts books; farming or something Anita Loos; Emma Augusta Sharkey
226 1974 Loos, Mary (Anita); Fred Pfeiffer always the lab, tending his roses. Hollywood
227 1872 The College Courant; Bronson Alcott in large innocence grave, puttering with the stars an empty and useless stare
228 1919 Black, Alexander hidden river; a heap of notes. diagramming; sidereal spark
229 1923 Titus, Harold; Stockton Mulford went too far. well after dark. the inch the story Tuesday
230 1900 Christian, F. W.; The Critic who really knows something; the same Caroline Islands; missionaries
231 1918 Repplier, Agnes; C. M. Flandrau an island in the sea, unwarranted eruption; even the delicate tracery writing
232 1890 Scientific American withouting proof, machinist he areca nut; knowing how
233 1922 Watson, Herbert on Friday’s part, then, and only a letter island; sincerity; Robinson Crusoe
234 1924 Irwin, Inez Haynes mysterious minor pursuits amateur dressmaking
235 1896 Kitchel, Cornelius Porter pasteboard and painted purple patchery; toys
236 1968 Wolfe, Bernard all the shirts returned; a few readymades personal
237 2019 Berg, Aase babbling for the sake of babbling, a kind of music garbage heap; patriarchy
238 1895 Gleanings in Bee Culture partially water, but position these entwines islands; apiary; water
239 1993 Muske-Dukes, Carol a cry here, a comment there, bits of lives outside women in science
240 1925 Safford, Victor both at rest and in motion disability; immigration; race
241 1985 Rosenthal, Stephen accumulated junk, devious permutations abstraction; glossary; paint
242 1926 P. T. A. Magazine Jack, Jane, an Old Man. Rows of books. and any pictures
243 1925 Norris, Kathleen inaccurate fingers; desire so dreary dysfunctional Irish-Catholic families
244 1917 Photo-Era; John J. Enneking and dry bones failing failures; tinware
245 2003 Augustine, Sue some semblance of order  
246 1989 Stoddard, Alexandra around me and in my mind times when Happiness Movement
247 1938 Ueland, Brenda sharp, staccato ideas; by action at last slow big ideas; Plotinus
248 1938 Hartmann, Sadakichi a good listener though Albert Pinkham Ryder
249 1990 Pilcher, Rosamunde “Just that.” gardening; method; style
250 1857 Graham’s Illustrated Magazine without the slightest idea; rivening, ’riv Balearic Islands; arriv; arrov

putterings what

I cannot recall what caused me to malinger over the word “puttering” — was it the Sherwood Anderson appearance in The Seven Arts ? — and to engage in another of my trawlings. But this one is different.

The lexical and etymological aspects of the word, although various, are one thing; its uses and contexts another. Who uses which of its senses, to what ends. Who gets to putter. Who must not. Who is accused of puttering, and who does the accusing, or assumes entitlement to do so. Who has permission to putter, who not. Where is it the theme of reflection, and where used as shorthand, and in both wheres, for what. Where does its inclusion in alliterative chains — congeries — owe as much to sound as sense. Some extended ruminations on the word putter would redeem it; others condemn. So much policing.

Gender and class enter into this. Maybe race.

Concerns of this sort have not much occupied or driven my previous google books-search based trawlings. Here, they are at least part of the work. With only a few exceptions, usages don’t go back far, so while the findings were many, they are relatively finite. These tumblr posts (and this html archive) are primarily a personal aide-mémoire intended to keep me from getting buried under my own heap of findings. I only publish them, so to speak, as a way of pushing them away, keeping them at bay for the time being. And too, this project itself is only another temporizing instance of my puttering.

afterthoughts (a few months following the above) —

And then — inevitably? — there came the derivations of these derivations, second-order derivatives? : link.

These involve the putterings titles, and some of their respective notes, with occasional occlusions and reorderings. I had not anticipated these, and even resisted the idea for a while. They are limited to the available language. I do not sequence my landings/findings to a some pre-arranged idea. They fall where they fall, and thus their derivations. Their glue is more music than sense.

I’ve lingered on some authors, well beyond their respective usages of the word “puttering” — M. B. Levick and Florida Pier (Scott-Maxwell) above all (so far). These detours, and the derivations just mentioned, were not foreseen when this project got haltingly under way in January 2022.

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23 January 2023