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putterings, 97–27

It does not get anywhere.
a hopeless endeavour
up to a certain point; that point passed
arch enemy to highest usefulness
that he should do this and do that
tamping and troweling
with details. a live issue. another plain tale. so long.
in a drawerful of little cardboard boxes
as he is today; and his duty toward
the peering, puttering analyses of subject, the apprehensive discrimination
cynic stock, petty mire
black threads for lines
Domestic Superstitions
about; and not until long after does he awake
“A New Start”
big clump of tickle grass and flung
oners. Besides
the most genuine surviving relic, their wares spread out about them
when in a good season there ought to be lively work
an ingenuity not to be despised, a material of which we are never certain
that Sobriety was puttering around here
on my “abandoned farm”
and so long as a blind trail
the reduction of puttering to
varnish and plaster... the well-known mirage of the desert
the less money, the more need for psychology
the man who intends
absolute zero
with water and shade and perhaps, after light frost in November
she began the “puttering” rambling over the foot-hills
a readjustment of the relations between the moon and tides
and as for generalization he abhorred it
with this burlesque as a consequence
that all skilled work is puttering
a tinkering, puttering, hardware sort
legislators and theorizers have been puttering and quibbling upon the idea
wan... detached and idle, certain
here a little, and there a little of
any single thing which can be enumerated
fairly bristling with an objectionable maleness
enemy to accuracy, and produces bad habits of thought
some dull wooden station, muddy town
it was raining outside.
around, and writing letters
to train the ants to play and dance, to teach the toad to stutter
ultimates and confiscation, pink variety
all bound up in the use of the hands
for a plurality of moments of interest
makeshift things, things that are
the clink of glasses. presently
not only unnecessary but also of little or no immediate importance
so much of it fragmentary
green to see what happens
the chief cornerstone in the new edifice
of hemorrhage, and the avoidance of “puttering” during the operation
lightly and disappeared
And the meadows are green.
But the life is so narrow, their interests so small...
that the electric is essentially a woman’s vehicle
regular monkey and parrot time
The exigencies of the case
She wondered what he had been so anxious to burn.
what he does or makes is wholly idle, being useless to him in the next minute
the seams, with the comforting remark
and they’ve rusted and most ruined the skirt
of a visionary scheme, it was declared
power through repose
and, with the timely aid of a stray sunbeam
it would be stepping off your pedestal, you’ve got other things to do
of time, and no exhaling vapor
about with a camera, nowhere into nothing
with gum-arabic and sea-weed
my economy quilt

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