Detail, page 101/235 for "Cordova Wool, Purchases of by other parties," and "Sundry Messages, Panics, Crises, Revolutions, etc.," in one of two manuscript code books (and a separate invoice copybook) relating to the export and import of shipments of wool and hides purchased in Brazil by G. B. Perry, and shipped by him to (his brother?) C. F. Perry in Boston. Late 1870s on internal evidence (annotations dated 1878, 1879).

This volume 9 3/4 x 14 inches; 152 numbered leaves; each page that is filled in also bears (in red) the page number to its thicker counterpart codebook. The code consists of both phrase lists and tables. This copy (detail shown above) lists those cross-referenced pages on page 1.

The code is devoted to communications between the two partners/brothers and with Bigelow, Lowell, & Saxonville Mills, Burlington Woolen Co., and others regarding purchases and shipments of wool, nutria skins, goat skins, and other hides and furs, also Ostrich Feathers; together with "Sundry Messages."

Slipped into the invoice copybook is what appears to be a draft of a figure code for prices and market sentiment for different grades of hide, orders for different volumes, and other order particulars.

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