Peterson International Code, 3rd Edition (New York, 1929) pp 204-05
8 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches; i-xii, 1-760, 1001-1136

Above scan shows two verso pages, both cropped from full page sizes around all outer and inner margins, but omits no printed matter.

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Comments :

(1) a pretty good showing of commodity phraseology on page 730;

at right, (2) the second of two pages of instructions for use of the "Page 1001 Section." Instructions above are self-explanatory, but in brief allow for cabling bid and ask prices, including fractions, in one 5 letter codeword, and to use (in conjunction with tables on pages 759-60) two 5 letter code words to cable eight quotations or prices in one 10 letter codeword.

(3) Five-letter codewords listed on pages 1003-1127 ( ABBCV / 00000 through TRGKO / 99999 ) allow coding of any figure in that range; (4) all of the codewords in this section (having only one vowel) can be appended to any codeword in the first section (having two vowels) to satisfy "Category A" rule. The figure code also "should prove extremely valuable for special private tables."

(5) Not shown here are pages 1128-1134, providing a special testing arrangement for giving amounts together with a "test on name of payee in addition to test on amount to be paid, all in one 5 letter word." (Clearly, the code is oriented to the use of banks.