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departed with his gloves

The farmer departed with his gloves. Tom puttered about in front of the store. Trade had the awful after-the-holidays dullness. A woman came in to exchange socks she had bought for a gift. Gregory served her...

ex Helen Rose Hull, “Playboy,” in Uncommon People (1936) : 128-151 (141)
available only for download at archive.org (Digital Library of India scan).

somewhat revised from earlier version — as “The Playboy, and a young fellow we all know,” Illustrations by C. D. Williams — in Cosmopolitan 76:4 (April 1924) : 94-97, 120-128 (archive.org)
and (better) at hathitrust

A kind of puer aeternus redemption story. Mina will leave town (and Greg, who is going nowhere, fast) for a better job, as an illustrator, in Chicago.

Serious too. Keen about her work. Teaching kids to draw things. Brown jugs with pussy-willows.
(1936) : 142

Mina — drawing funny little sketches of him or of children; teaching drawing to children; selling her sketches.
(1924) : 120

4 March 2022