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about with a camera, out of nowhere into nothing

As for puttering about with a camera — was it not a form of cheating ? He did not want to be a photographer. He had once wanted to be a singer.
      He arose and walked along the hillside, still watching the shadows play over the plains below.

ex “Out of Nowhere into Nothing” in The Triumph of the Egg : A Book of Impressions from American Life. In Tales and Poems / by Sherwood Anderson, in clay by Tennessee Mitchell (Photographs by Eugene Hutchinson); (1921) : 213 (hathitrust)
213 (google books)

Tennessee Claflin Mitchell (1874-1929) : info (at Illinois Historical Art Project, date unknown)

Walter Sayers then goes to break his camera, against a tree. —
“The sharp breaking sound — the delicate parts of the machine being broken — was sweet to his ears.”   214

10 March 2022