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The exigencies of the case demand

The friction between women is owing largely to their more sensitive, highly wrought, nervous organization — disease often producing an extreme irritability, increased by “puttering” work and an indoor life. Put two nervous or dyspeptic men in close contact with each for any length of time and in their case also peace will be a thing unknown. Men are slow to grant women justice, but they overwhelm her with chivalry. The exigencies of the case demand that she “work” him for everything she gets, and centuries of practice have made her an adept therein. As long as women are practically isolated, with vague ideas of business methods or law in a general sense, responsible for nothing under the sun, passing their days in idleness or in puttering, insignificant, uncompetitive, unorganized tasks, just so long will she be a child, personal in her views, selfish, peevish, domineering. It is unreasonable to expect anything else. Education has been a potent factor in woman’s enfranchisement, a larger industrial field has been equally beneficial. The saving grace of both lies in the fact that they have freed women from self, broadened her thoughts, and taught her the beauty as well as the expediency of tolerance and good cheer.

— Lulu MacClure Clarke, Edith, Colo., “Puttering and Irritability”
in the column “Straight Talk by Everybody’s Readers,” Everybody’s Magazine 11:1 (July 1904) : 129

Everybody’s Magazine (1899-1929)

Who was Lulu MacClure Clarke? — whose letters to editors are found here and there, e.g.,
“New Light on Roosevelt : Some Peculiar Reasons Why He Should Not Be Supported by Women.” The New York Times (October 3, 1904) : pdf
“...The past forty years have witnessed woman's bitter struggle to obtain an education for herself and the right to labor. Roosevelt would abolish both. He has no use for the higher education for women, nor is he pleased to see her developing her talents and earning her living in the world outside...”

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