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that the electric is essentially a woman’s vehicle

...went even further in charging them with the offense of puttering.
      “If I may be understood as saying it in a kindly manner,” he said, “the average electric vehicle maker putters — putters about his business, instead of going at it in a broad-minded, forceful way. Instead of going after the business man, and showing him what the electric vehicle can do for him in the way of reducing the costs to him of conducting his business, the electric vehicle manufacturer often contents himself with advertising to women and of spreading the idea broadcast that the electric is essentially a woman’s vehicle.”

— “Issues Call for a ‘Kickers Meeting,’ Vice-President Williams is spurred by criticisms of electric vehicle makers and takes this method of giving opportunity to air all grievances — Manufacturers accused of ‘puttering’ and lack of enterprise,”
in Automobile Topics 24:6 (December 23, 1911) : 281-283

22 March 2022