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And the meadows are green.

...liked the and still fail to appear
to be well The spring is alive,
              And the meadows are green . lightly
        and disappeared word

— OCR cross-column misread in google preview, of what is properly this —

“...And now, my dears, I must get back to my flowers. By the way, Mary, it’s carnations and not pansies and mignonettes that I’m puttering with now.”
      “Why don’t you go to your office, Archibald?" asked Mrs. Hackett, sharply, one morning. “Here you are puttering round among your flower pots again.” Mrs. Hackett liked the word puttering. “No man with a hobby ever made a cent out of it. I believe you’ve spent $50 on that miserable carnation bed, and I need a new fur collar. You’re wasting your time, interfering with our happiness and throwing away your money.”

— in Edward B Clark, “Pretty Polly’s Carnation” (taken from Record-Herald), in Farmers’ Review 33:53 (December 31, 1902) : 912

The puttering pays off : an offer of $40,000 for the stock of plants from which a carnation was plucked. And a millionaire’s son wants Mr. and Mrs. Hackett’s prettiest flower — their daughter, Polly — and for nothing.

Loitered in the same volume — loitered — and disappeared, and for nothing.

25 March 2022