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for a plurality of moments of interest

e.g., running, sprinting, walking briskly, puttering around, etc....

As still another example, when the user putters around for at least 3 minutes, e.g., the status of the user is classified as “non-sedentary, puttering” for at least 3 minutes, etc., a change in the state of the user from sedentary to non-sedentary is detected and the user receives a notification.

Sedentary period detection utilizing a wearable electronic device
US11129534B2 (patent assigned September 28, 2021)
applicant and assignee : Fitbit, Inc.
inventors : Jacob Antony Arnold, Allison Maya Russell, Zachariah Lord Wasson, Shelten Gee Jao Yuen

Abstract —
Systems and methods for determining a sedentary state of a user are described. Sensor data is collected and analyzed to calculate metabolic equivalent of task (MET) measures for a plurality of moments of interest. Based on the MET measures and a time period for which the MET measures exceed a threshold value, it is determined whether the user is in a sedentary state. If the user is in the sedentary state, the user is provided a notification to encourage the user to perform a non-sedentary activity.

30 March 2022