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ultimates and confiscation, pink variety

“I want no mere puttering reforms,” writes Professor Calhoun. “If the radicals will stick for ultimates and confiscation, I’ll stay with them. One of the things that will hasten the revolution is to spread the notion that it can come soon.”
      What do you think of that — you American mothers and fathers who are sending your boys and girls to our American colleges?...

The bomb-throwing, bullet-shooting anarchist does not worry me very much. It is the subtle, highly intellectual, pink variety that is boring into the very heart of America.

— Woodworth Clum, Making Socialists Out of College Students : A Story of Professors and Other Collegians who Hobnob with Radicals (Better America Federation of California, 1920) : 6 (Ohio State University copy)
another (University of Texas copy, archive.org)

the archive.org metadata describes the pamphlet as an “Early expose of the Inter-collegiate Socialist Society, forerunner of the League for Industrial Democracy and, eventually, the SDS.”

Its centerpiece is a letter from
Professor Arthur W. Calhoun (1885-1979) wikipedia to
William Edward Zeuch (1892-1968) wikipedia
photograph at Guggenheim Foundation
rather more at (New Llano Colony, historical information)

Both were labor and left-oriented educators and activists of their time.

30 March 2022