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around, and writing letters

            He told her that
I’m licked , and there’s a lot of men who can
            he was so glad to be able to read the sad
pull quicker and shoot faster than I can.
            news that she could keep the money — it
Me and Magpie have been puttering
            would be hers , anyway.

— OCR cross column misread, at W. C. Tuttle, “Alias Whispering White,” in Adventure 19:5 (December 3, 1918) : 74-86 (75)

from TOC description, page 1
“At last Magpie and Ike break into society — but rather precipitousy. To help in a worthy cause they go East where their coming-out attracts far more attention than that of the reigning débutante.”

W(ilbur). C(oleman). Tuttle (1883-1969)
mentioned for his “humorous Westerns” at wikipedia page on Adventure magazine.

further down —
“...but he puts in quite a lot time puttering around, and writing letters. A few days after he gets that letter he borrows a burro to ride to Piperock.”

31 March 2022