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that Sobriety was puttering around here

All. What’s the matter?
Mrs. E. My lands! Call Sobriety.
Ly. (at door). Sobriety, Sobriety.
Mrs. E. You rickerlect that awful thunder-storm there was meeting before last when I was showing my pattern. I’m terrible scared of lightning, but I remember that Sobriety was puttering around here and snatched that pattern and put it in her carriage just before that terrible flash came that drove everything out of my head.

— Maisie B. Whiting, The Pink Swan Pattern, A Play in Two Acts for Female Characters Only. (Boston: Walter H. Haker & Co., 1905) : 14 (hathitrust, only available, missing first one (or three) pages)

Much ado about a pink swan pattern that has gone missing. In the end, it is found in the doll carriage of young Sobriety.
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11 April 2022