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with details. a live issue. another plain tale. so long.

What he meant by a majority of
Therefore, so long as
his own kind was such a one as
upon her immense constituencies
the boards sort of
continuous vaudeville
of Steel and the North-
so long must she create and
25,000 machines
necessarily men
out. enough
and big enough not to waste the
Furthermore, local politics
time of
the money of
It is but once or so in a
puttering; with details. Let
that a live issue, like
me illustrate the kind of thing that he
referred to.

OCR confusion at (and subsequent fussings und fudgings from) C. Norman Fay, “Is Democracy a Failure? ; Another plain tale from Chicago,” in The Outlook 97 (8 April 1911) : 775-781 (777)

Charles Norman Fay (1848-1944)
Charles Norman Fay ’69, oldest graduate of Harvard University to attend the commencement of 1943, died Friday at the age of 96 following a short illness.
      Born in Burlington, Vermont, Fay graduated from Harvard at the age of 21. He went into business and became head of the Remington-Sholes typewriter manufacturing company, one of the pioneer companies in America to turn out these machines. He was also president of the Chicago utilities companies. Besides writing several volumes on business and finance, Fay was a music lover and an ardent patron of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra when it was directed by Theodore Thomas. The last few years of his life were spent in Cambridge as a resident of Harvard Faculty Club.
Harvard Crimson (April 11, 1944)

publications listed at Fay’s online books page

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