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styled in the ride; page one of Levell’d. Wood

Wood afcribes this piece to Marchamont Nede * The bathful Putterance of a maiden ham . Mese , & cer P. 189. N ° 54. LIKE WILL TO ** The author , William Barkted , Like , & c . ] The following is the is ftyled in the ride - page one of ...

OCR misread, and cross-column confusion, willy-nilly involving

  1. The dedication to the heroicke Heros, Henry Earle of Oxenford, Viscount Bulbeck, &c. begins thus:
    Sir, if my unpolisht pen that dedicates now
    The bashful utterance of a maiden Muse
    , &c..
    The author, William Barksted, is styled in the title-page one of the servants of his Majesty’s Revels.
  2. P. 187. No. 44. The Levelers Levell’d. Wood ascribes this piece to Marchamont Ned-ham.
    P. 189. No. 54. Like Will to Like, &c.

at David Erskine Baker, Biographia Dramatica, Or, A Companion to the Playhouse : Containing Historical and Critical Memoirs, and Original Anecdotes, of British and Irish Dramatic Writers, from the Commencement of our Theatrical Exhibitions; amongst whom are some of the most celebrated Actors; also
An Alphabetical Account of their Works, the Dates when printed, and occasional Observations on the Merits. Together with
An Introductory View of the Rise and Progress of the British Stage.
A New Edition: Carefully corrected; greatly enlarged; and continued from 1764 to 1782. The Second Volume. (London, 1782) : 439

David Erskine Baker (1730-1767)
and more (names Elizabeth Clendon) and less (color) at wikipedia

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