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under the trees in the hay fields, with the same Latin grammar

The Doctor leaned back in his chair and thought. How the past suddenly vivified. He saw a boy hidden under the eaves of a farmhouse, studying a Latin grammar by the light of tallow ends, saved for him by his stepmother. He saw his father chiding him for “puttering away his time” under the trees in the hay fields, during the dinner hour, with the same Latin grammar. He saw the boy starting for college with one dollar in his pocket, and the fight for education before him...

ex Lilian True Bryant, “The Beloved Teacher,” in National Magazine 20:1 (April 1904) : 52-56 (54) (Michigan copy)
same (Penn State University copy, hathitrust)

an appreciation of Nathaniel L. True, A.M., M.D. (1812-1888)
evidently Nathaniel Tuckerman True (1812-1887, of Bethel, Maine). Years and middle initial don’t quite align, but photo is of same; see sketch of True’s life by William B. Lapham (delivered in 1892) at The Courier (Quarterly Publication of the Bethel Historical Society’s Regional History Center) 26:4 (2002) : pdf (full issue), and

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