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these simple imitations, as dissimilar as a horse and an intuition

the meagre and savage art
                        his throat and a Frenchman puttering
these simple imitations
                        as dissimilar as a horse and an
                        the letters, individual qualifications of
                        a generic principle
flowers of thought

cross-column confusions — a veritable mess, here multiplied — at “The Alphabet of Poetry,” in Putnam’s Magazine, Original Papers on Literature, Science, Art, and National Interests 2:12 (December 1868) : 665-671
same, Princeton copy at hathitrust.

surely puttering and intuition are related? hence the search for both, together.

author was Benjamin Paul Blood (1832-1919)
some context at Franklin Rosemont, his introduction to The Poetical Alphabet (Surrealist Research & Development Monograph Series, Black Swan Press, 1978?) : here (pdf)

20 May 2022