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ever so far removed from mere

Some aspects of
conception and creation,
page-decoration, defect of graphic word-picturing.
good in its
puttering, and
ever so far removed from mere handi-
lic fad
a still-voiced graphic
landscape sure enough
word a mere covering ought

derived from various OCR cross-column confusions (from search for abstraction + painting + puttering), at Malcolm M’Gregor Jamieson, Jr., his (overwrought, even febrile) musings on Decoration as “the most elemental and the highest art,” in “Some Aspects of Art, Third Paper,” The Art Interchange 50:2 (New York, February 1903) : 36

same (U Minnesota) copy at hathitrust

Malcolm McGregor Jamieson (1875-1943), “departmental artist, American Museum of Natural History. In 1921, Jamieson worked with curator Roy Waldo Miner to create sketches of Marine Biological Laboratories specimens for use in the museum’s Darwin Hall exhibits.”
smithsonian (includes portrait)

26 May 2022