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talking machines; alphabets of dead languages

Men who gladly spend their lives in puttering among the alphabets of nature’s library, often alphabets of dead languages, at that, turn with light scorn from the proposal that we study the last chapter of the last book...       1

Then Uncle Harry stopped puttering with his [talking] machines and came out to be sociable with his sister.       2

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    same (Ohio copy, hathitrust)
  2. Charlotte Perkins Gilman “A Word in Season,” The Forerunner 1:14 (December 1910) : 1-5 (2)
    same (U Illinois copy, hathitrust)

But the old lady had a mind of her own, though much of it was uninhabited, and this generous burst of light set it to working...
p 4 (“A Word in Season”)

28 May 2022