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or a whe-e r r r r o o o of a more sudden low goop-goop

Voice. — Weird, blood-curdling, quavering tremulo; high-pitched, long-drawn, wailing, whistled hooting w-w-whi-i-er-r-r o o o o o o o o o, or a whe-e r r r r o o o of a more sudden, hushed stop; lonesome, sad, and creepy, heard most frequently during fall, less commonly during winter and early spring, and rarely during the breeding season or in summer. There are two short notes, often uttered alone, occasionally used to begin the tremulous screech, a very low, short hoot, proot and a puttering, beating put t t t, again, a low goop-goop. Screech usually crescendo and then diminuendo.

— description of Hasbrouck’s Screech Owl (Otus asio hasbrouck), in Charles Finlay Simmons, Birds of the Austin Region (Austin, 1925) : 115-116
same (University of California copy, at hathitrust)

Field Marks. — Small size. Ear tufts. Tremulous hooting whistle.
Popular Names. — Squinch Owl; Death Owl; Little Gray Owl; Little Red Owl; Little Horned Owl; Mottled Owl; Scritch Owl; Scritch.

7 June 2022