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Borax. Plumbum. Sepia, can scarcely.

Can scarcely think : Sepia.
Puttering, does not accomplish anything : Borax.;
Absentminded : Gratiol., Mangan., Plumbum.;
Slight emotions cause palpitation : Phosphor.;
Better in the Afternoon. The sensitiveness of the early day : Natr. sulph.; the disgust : Sarsap.

ex symptoms of the Mind and Disposition (Afternoon) — “as have been observed in connection with bodily symptoms” (69) — in C(onstantine). Hering. Analytical Therapeutics. Vol. 1. (1875) : 290
same (Harvard/Countway copy) at hathitrust

The volume was augmented in and retitled as Hering’s Analytical Repertory of the Symptoms of the Mind, second edition (1881)
opens to title page at hathitrust

Constantine Hering (1800-1880), wikipedia

...increased power of sight, but cannot think rationally : Colchic.
p 121

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