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a rainy Thursday; the washing machine won’t start.

Bricolage (Puttering) 15 min. color. s-c. $6.40
Episode nine of the Toute La Bande series. It’s a rainy Thursday. Elisabeth is at the Conservatory, while Caroline and Victor are left at home, bored. Asking Caroline to do the laundry, Mrs. Ermont leaves to go shopping. But Caroline soon discovers that the washing machine won’t start. Victor can’t start it, either, so they decide to go and ask their Uncle Paul for help, since he’s a “handyman.” Just as they’re about to leave, Jacques arrives and goes with them. Uncle Paul is something of an eccentric who spends his time puttering in his workshop. Jacques shows such intelligent interest in Uncle Paul’s activities that the uncle starts treating him as a member of the family. The three visitors are invited to stay for lunch, and the episode ends with a typical home-cooked mean: hors d’oeuvres, veal cutlets, fried potatoes, salad, meringues, and a bottle of Beaujolais. Produced with French dialogue. Offers basis for listening and oral practice for beginning and intermediate French students. (Scholastic Magazines, 1970)

ex Educational Films (The University of Michigan, Audio-Visual Education Center; 1973) : 177


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