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OCR cross-column confusions, involving :
“Agriculture : Rainy Day Work” by Anon.,
“Why Is Flax-raising So Unprofitable?” by H. Koelkenbeck,
“The Cost of Growing Wheat” by J. W. Smith, and
“Horticulture : Orchard Protection — No. 4,” by D. B. W.
in The Farmers Review 16:7 (April 28, 1886) : 258

from “Rainy Day Work” —
“There are scores of other things to attend to on the farm; little things which are constantly beging neglected, but which can be done on rainy days if the farmer will only set about it. The hardest part of the job is for him to get into the habit of attending to such work. He can’t get over the idea that it is “puttering,” and few men like that. But let him once understand that an inspection of his machinery in advance of imperative demand for repairs will save expense and vexation, and he will see that what he may consider “pottering” is really profitable work, and the matter will then present itself to him in a new light...”

12 August 2022