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kind of an ole foozle, but... skunk bus’nis, an’ though

He was a slow, puttering kind of an ole foozle, but on the hull a putty decent citizen. Wa’al,” I says, [“one] year, when the poultry was comin’ along, a family o’ skunks moved onto the premises an’ done so well that putty soon [, as the elder said, it seemed to him that it was comin’ to be a ch’ce between the chickin bus’niss an’ the skunk bus’nis, an’ though he said he’d heard the’ was money in it, if it was done on a big enough scale, he hadn’t ben edicated to it, he said, an’ didn’t take to it any ways.”

... These few brief extracts give a slight idea of David Harum as he is depicted in Mr. Westcott’s book...
The Review of Reviews 20 (August ? 1899) : 208 : link

that book being Edward Noyes Westcott his David Harum : A Story of American Life (1899), where it was actually “putterin’ kind” : 247 : link

Edward Noyes Westcott (1846-1898), banker : wikipedia

17 September 2022