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...That method in vogue in Detroit brings us close to the question of the system of the municipality doing its own contracting; this is practical, not only in the matter of pavements, but in every class or work. If it is possible for a contractor to build a pavement and make a profit, the city can do the same thing — and the profits set aside for maintenance purposes. The city can legally have a plant to repair its asphalt, brick and other pavements; can do the patching and puttering around, but it is dreadfully illegal to undertake new work.
      This brings us to the question of repavement.

google snippet preview only, but entire thus :
Theodore Eichhorn, Superintendent of Streets and Public Improvements, Erie, Pa. “Street Paving, Construction and Maintenance,” Afternoon session, Thursday, August 29, 1918. In Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Convention of the League of Cities of the Third Class in Pennsylvania (held at the City of Erie, August 27, 28, 29, 1918) : 164-170; comments 170-173 (168) : link

The (interesting) program at pages 4-6 : link

24 September 2022